Fastvue Reporter for Education

Safely supervise your students online

Monitor your school's internet usage for students accessing self-harm, extremist, or inappropriate online content.

The Problem

You can’t monitor every single student, so it’s tricky to see what many of them are doing online — and locking down internet access only works to hinder learning and discourage inquisitive minds.

The Solution

Fastvue’s real-time school internet monitoring proactively detects risky online behavior. This enables schools to meet their duty of care and look after student welfare and well-being online, while allowing greater internet access and improving learning outcomes. Create a safer online environment — for everyone.

Safeguard students online

Monitor student well-being and easily identify students at risk of suicide and self-harm, extremism, drug abuse, violence, and more.

Improve digital citizenship

Get visibility into students engaging with positive or negative online material.

Reduce the IT burden

Free up IT resources by automating safety reports and alerts for student welfare, safeguarding, and pastoral care staff.

"Fastvue Reporter's flexible alert system helped us enhance online safeguarding and meet KCSIE requirements in our complex full-boarding BYOD environment, by providing our safeguarding leads with immediate visibility into unsafe online behaviour. Very few enterprise software applications ‘just work out of the box', but thankfully, Fastvue is one of them!"
Adam Niblett
Director of IT, Uppingham School
"Having Fastvue handle the reporting piece was an absolute god-send. It meant we were able to choose a best of breed security solution without compromising on our pastoral care reporting. "
Rob Barugh
Director of Learning Technologies, Hale School
"Fastvue Reporter is able to intelligently interpret the firewall's log files and extract detailed user activity on the web, during any particular timeframe. This produces clear reports that can be sent to safeguarding officers in real-time or on a schedule. "
Paul Wilmore
Director of Technical services, Stonyhurst College

Get the visibility you've been missing

Fastvue Reporter allows you to identify internet usage issues as they happen. You get a true overview of what’s really going on online, while helping to keep your students, staff, and network safe.

Critical alerts on student well-being

Real-time student internet monitoring lets you send time-sensitive alerts, such as students searching for suicide or self-harm-related topics, directly to safeguarding staff.

Cohort reports

Send scheduled student web usage reports to Heads of Year that detail their cohort's suspicious searches, unacceptable websites, YouTube videos watched and more.

Activity timeline reports

Comprehensively monitor student internet usage to see exactly when and for how long students have engaged with specific online content — such as objectionable videos and websites.

Assess digital citizenship

Can your students navigate their digital environment safely? Easily assess a student's digital citizenship by viewing their productive and acceptable content alongside unproductive and unacceptable content.


Fastvue's extensive, customizable, and continuously updated keyword database flags suspicious activity related to suicide and self-harm, extremism and radicalization, racism, drugs, pornography, and profanity, without the false positives.


Clever keyword matching on YouTube titles lets you easily discover videos that may be inappropriate in your organization. See who spent time watching them, and how long.

Site Clean

Fastvue's unique Site Clean technology lets you see exactly what websites are being browsed, without advertising, ugly content delivery networks, or other unnecessary noise cluttering the reports. Learn more.

IT, network and security reports

Designed for busy IT teams, these reports highlight bandwidth issues, threats detected, summarize VPN activity, and make it easy to find firewall policies responsible for blocking or allowing traffic.

Your school. Your data.

Fastvue Reporter is self-hosted in your own private cloud or on-premises. We never see your sensitive internet or network traffic data.

We're a proud partner of the Internet Watch Foundation

The Internet Watch Foundation provides the critical service of detecting and eliminating online child sexual abuse imagery and has amassed thousands of words commonly used by perpetrators.

Fastvue is proud to partner with the IWF to detect web searches and other online activity involving child exploitation within organizations, notifying the right people if and when they occur. Read the announcement on

Case Study: Hale School

We're receiving real-time alerts on self-harm searches, adult and profanity, extremism and drugs. The self-harm alert in particular is very important that it gets to the key pastoral staff in a timely manner.
Learn more

Case Study: Gardener Schools Group

New KCSiE guidelines mandate robust internet monitoring in schools. Gardener Schools Group chose Fastvue to meet these guidelines, offering complete coverage, low TCO, ease of use, and detailed reports accessible to all.
Learn more

Case Study: Stonyhurst College

Our operating systems were inspected by an independent school inspectorate and they were completely blown away by the reporting data in place, incorporating all the lists required to comply with the Government’s KCSiE guidance.
Learn more

Case Study: Duncraig Senior High School

The main challenge our school had was the lack of visibility over our internet traffic. With over 1500 students having relatively open access to the internet, it was scary having no idea what students were doing online.
Learn more

Case Study: Islamic College of Brisbane

We receive alerts for a variety of use cases at different severity levels. These range from very serious alerts that may indicate issues with student mental health, through to more information alerts such as large downloads.
Learn more

Get started in 3 easy steps

Install Fastvue Reporter

Install Fastvue Reporter on a server in your network or private cloud*.

Connect your firewall

Send log data from your firewall to the Fastvue server (usually via syslog) - see available firewalls.

Enjoy better visibility

Get a better, more comprehensive view of your internet and network usage with easy-to-use reporting and real-time alerts.

* Available as Windows Server software or as a Linux Docker image.

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