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"The visibility of who’s been doing what has been absolutely fantastic. When our demo ran out I literally felt ‘blind’ without it. Working with support has also been a total pleasure and they’re willing to go above and beyond to make the customer completely satisfied :)"
Scott Bentoske
Systems Administrator, FEC Automation Systems
Frasca Flight Simulation
"The best part for me is that once I set up the reports and who they go to, I am out of the loop totally. The department manager can parse through the report, run more detailed reports, and take action without involving me at all as a net admin. Site Clean made it even easier for the managers to understand (How do you explain what a CDN is to the accounting manager?)."
Andrew Reynolds
Network Administrator, Frasca Flight Simulation
"I tell everyone that Fastvue is one of the best products I've seen. I have alerts setup and receive notifications throughout the day. Works great! This is an awesome product. "
Carol Holt
SVP Information Technology, Quality Oil Company

The stories that motivate our work

Case Study

Case Study: Hale School

We're receiving real-time alerts on self-harm searches, adult and profanity, extremism and drugs. The self-harm alert in particular is very important that it gets to the key pastoral staff in a timely manner.
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Case Study

Case Study: Stonyhurst College

Our operating systems were inspected by an independent school inspectorate and they were completely blown away by the reporting data in place, incorporating all the lists required to comply with the Government’s KCSiE guidance.
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Case Study

Case Study: Gardener Schools Group

New KCSiE guidelines mandate robust internet monitoring in schools. Gardener Schools Group chose Fastvue to meet these guidelines, offering complete coverage, low TCO, ease of use, and detailed reports accessible to all.
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Education Case Study

Case Study: Duncraig Senior High School

The main challenge our school had was the lack of visibility over our internet traffic. With over 1500 students having relatively open access to the internet, it was scary having no idea what students were doing online.
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Education Case Study

Case Study: Islamic College of Brisbane

We receive alerts for a variety of use cases at different severity levels. These range from very serious alerts that may indicate issues with student mental health, through to more information alerts such as large downloads.
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