Updated Exchange 2013 Forms Based Authentication Templates for TMG


Scott Glew

Scott Glew

It's been a year since I created the Exchange 2013 Forms based authentication templates for Forefront TMG.

When they were released, only the main login and logout forms were reworked in the Exchange 2013 style, and I received many requests to extend this to other forms, such as the Change Password form.

I'm happy to announce that I have now updated ALL forms in the Exchange 2013 style. This includes the change password form, as well as the forms used for Radius and SecureID authentication.

Forefront TMG Exchange 2013 OWA Change Password Form Forefront TMG Exchange 2013 OWA Changed Password Form

To download and install the new Exchange 2013 Templates:

  1. Download the new template package here, or from the GitHub repo. The zip package contains three folders:  ISAExchange and Exchange 2013.
  2. On your Forefront TMG Server, copy the existing Exchange OWA Template folder at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway\Templates\CookieAuthTemplates\Exchange
  3. Call the duplicated folder ‘Exchange2013′ (or whatever takes your fancy). You should now have a folder here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway\Templates\CookieAuthTemplates\Exchange2013
  4. Copy all files from the Exchange2013\HTML folder in downloaded zip package into the HTML sub-folder of your  new ‘Exchange2013′ folder (replace the existing files). Feel free to replace Logo.png with your own custom logo.

Configure Forefront TMG to use the new Exchange2013 Folder:

  1. In your TMG Management console, edit your Exchange Web Publishing rule and go to the Listener page. Click Properties.
  2. On the Authentication page, ensure HTML Forms Authentication is selected.
  3. On the Forms Tab enter Exchange2013 (you don’t need to enter the entire path, just the word ‘Exchange2013′ without the quotes)
  4. If you used the Exchange Publishing Wizard in Forefront TMG, you also need to go to the Application Settings tab and enter ‘Exchange2013′ in the ‘Type the custom HTML for set directory’ edit box.
  5. Apply the changes.
  6. Restart the TMG Firewall Service (yeah, I know… Unfortunately TMG Caches these pages and restarting the service is the only way to clear it as far as I know).

Thanks to everyone that sent in feedback and helped test these new templates in their environments. You know who you are! :)

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Forefront TMG Forms Based Authentication Template for Exchange 2013 OWA

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